Housekeeper - Mac Home Inventory Management App

Price: $19.99
Platform: Mac OS X
Release Date:Jan 08,2014

Housekeeper is an application for managing your houses and apartments and items inside. You can create more than one houses or apartments, and there is no limitation. Under houses or apartments,you can create rooms such as: living room, dinning room etc. You can manage every item inside your houses or apartments, managing model, maker,price and so on. You can attach images with every item,such as item photo, receipts and brochure etc. There is automatic calculation for items number or total amount.

Main Features:

  • Create more than one houses or apartments;

  • No limitation for houses or apartments;

  • Create as many as you like rooms and there is no limitation;

  • Items number and total amount automatic calculation;

  • Item photo,receipts or brochure can attach to specific item.